dinsdag 1 april 2014

Postcrossing bericht

Er zijn weer kaarten van ons aangekomen! Hieronder twee berichtjes:

'Hallo hallo Jessa ;-), Surprise me with your card and photo.mmm.! Nice to meet you;-)Thank
you very much. It is so beautifull to have it. I wish you a soon blessed Spring with nice and loving people around you. Have a happy life!;-)
Best Wishes, Larissa'
'Hi Sam, Hello Lucas,
Many thanks for your beautiful card!
My dogs are called Nemo (you can see him on my profile picture) and Lasse. Both are shelties. Nemo is 9 years old and Lasse is 6 years.
The best trip was (so far) to the North Cape and back by car and with tent. We camped also on the North Cape (although this is not actually allowed :-)) and there we have seen the midnight sun.
All the best to you,

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